Campus Visits

We are so passionate about coming to colleges & universities and sharing music and our stories of being queer, neurodivergent, fat-positive, christian, and alcohol-free-- and that it IS possible to thrive and be successful even when the odds are against you. Wyatt is a nonbinary tenured English professor with bipolar and ADHD, and Mary is a fat and queer multi-platinum selling artist with bipolar disorder, who survived a violent childhood. Both of us are suicide attempt survivors and also believe in the healing power of creating art and music, empathy and self-compassion, the urgency for therapy and medical assistance, and the necessary role that community plays when searching for radical belonging and acceptance. Because we cover such a broad range of topics with valuable insight and lived experience, it is easy to tailor discussions to fit the needs of specific institutions. We offer practical, take-home advice relevant to students of this generation, and do so with humor, hope, and wisdom. Discussions are punctuated with Mary's heartbreaking and iconic songs; a sing-a-long, and a Q&A, if requested.

We also visit colleges individually for workshops. Shoot us an email through our contact form or through NACA 24/7 if you are interested--we're flexible, easy to work with, and our work makes a lasting impact on students and faculty alike. 

 Here are some events we've done in the past:

Mental Health, Queer Identities, and Radical Self Love: A Conversation and Musical Performance with Mary Lambert and Dr. Wyatt Hermansen

Your E-mail Didn't Find Me Well: Surviving Grad School While Queer and Neurodivergent with Dr. Wyatt Hermansen

Everybody Is a Babe Body Positive Workshop with Mary Lambert

Poetry as Survival: Writing Poetry to Heal Trauma and Shame with Mary Lambert